Fee Structure


Fee StructureFirst YearSecond YearThird YearForth YearFifth Year
Tuition Fee18000RMB18000RMB18000RMB18000RMB
Hostel Fee3000RMB3000RMB3000RMB3000RMB
Permit Fee
Insurance Fee800RMB800RMB800RMB800RMB
Checkup Fee
Total Fee22700RMB22700RMB22700RMB22700RMB



  • FIrst year full payment is 40000RMB including all the charges may consume on registration at
    school ( except food expenses and other personal expenses).
  • Books fee from second year to sixth year will be paid according to the actual price .
  •  Six year is internship year,tuition fee will be charged according to the actual price, if do
    internship in China, will pay the full fee, if do internship in other countries(not China), student will
    pay half of the tuition fee.
  • 800RMB application fee should be paid after receive the acceptance of documents. others
    can pay on arrival ( if offer online class, fee should be paid 2 weeks before online class started).
  • Fee can be paid in USD or RMB. USD will be charged according to the actual currency rate.


Applicant should submit the following documents:


  1. Clear and Colored scan of your passport (first 10 pages).
  2.  Clear and Colored scan Highest educational diploma, transcripts.
  3.  Clear and Colored scan of work experience letter (if applicant has work experiences).
  4. Clear and Colored scan of Physical Examination Form
  5.  Clear and Colored scan of Non-Criminal Certificate.
  6.  Clear and Colored scan of Sponsor ID or Passport.
  7.  Clear and Colored scan of financial sponsor letter.
  8.  Clear and Colored scan of Bank statement of Sponsor (balance not less than equal amount of
  9. Clear and Colored scan of 2 inches electronic photo with white background.
  10.  Clear and Colored scan of China Visa and Chinese University Study letter (if Applicant studiedinChina before)
  11.  Clear and Colored scan of Reward certificate or Language Certificate (if have)
  12.  A self-introduction video (optional)